HRT fined $20k for ‘unsafe release’

HRT has been fined $20,000 for it’s “unsafe release” of Sakon Yamamoto during the Italian Grand Prix. According to reports, and a grisly home video, Yamamoto was released while a crew member was next to the car. The video was graphic and an ambulance was called in to take the employee to the medical center.

The team secured the driving talents of Yamamoto because he brought much needed cash to the program but now they will be $20,000 shorter for the program.

Yamamoto was very concerned saying:

“I was very worried about the incident in the pit-lane. I asked if he was okay and I was told that he was not badly injured,”

We’ll keep you posted as to any news regarding the condition of the employee which was said to be a radio engineer who was working on Yamamoto’s radio issues during the pit stop.

There is a YouTube video showing the incident but we’ve chose not to embed it as it is a graphic scene and would prefer you search that out on your own should you like to view it.

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