Another fount of wisdom. Except the last line just may be a big bombshell on F1 depending on if Max has his facts straight. Which, given the situation, i am sure he will have had an army of investigators on the case. Bernie? Ron? or the CVC? Who knows but it should prove to be interesting.

“Once upon a time we criticised homosexuals and transvestites. In England homosexuality was an offence,” he said.

“Even Formula One has had homosexuals. But today, everyone can do as they please, in private, because they´re not hurting anyone.

“Those who are criticising me are those for whom sex is only done in the classic missionary position.

“But that´s not the only way to do it and those who criticise my personal affairs have no right to do so.”

Mosley admitted he had been in the dog house with his wife over the incident.

“We´ve been together 50 years. Obviously she wasn´t happy, in fact she was very angry. But in the end, we´re not going to divorce.”

However, Mosley admitted the incident had done nothing but harm.

“This has been no fun at all for me and when I told that to my wife, she said: me neither!” added Mosley.

“Other than the Nazi story, everything was true. It was terribly embarrassing to face my family.

“Imagine if your father had done what I did.

“I have to admit that I have brought the image of the Grand Prix and that of the sponsors into disrepute but I don´t know any of the sponsors.

“And how many fans has Formula One lost because of me? I doubt any.”

Mosley is remaining defiant and said he will not be forced aside.

“I´ve never considered it (resigning). Given the Nazi-themed lies, I felt like fighting back straight away.”

Mosley said he knows who framed him and claimed he will soon make the news public.

“Soon you will know who framed me,” vowed the 68-year-old.

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