Hulkenberg or Grosjean…Haas F1 can’t decide, can you?

To Hulk or not to Hulk, that is the question. Haas F1 is finding it difficult to decide as they deliberate the 2020 teammate selection between Romain Grosjean or Nico Hulkenberg. Team boss Steiner said:

“If it was a clear decision it would be easy to make, we would agree immediately,” he said.

“We’re not sure what is the best, he is not, and I’m not.

“He can always tell me what to do, he’s got that privilege because he finances the team.

“He values my opinion, so we discuss it just to make the best decision for the team, not for us.

“What we’ve got now is not bad, but can we make it better?

“How big is the risk that we want to make it better and it doesn’t go in the right direction?

“It’s a lot back and forward, but at some stage we need to come to a conclusion.”

Is this a difficult situation or decision? You have the past friction, involving talk of genitalia, between Kevin Magnussen and Nico but then you’ve got the inconsistency and continued struggle over several seasons with brakes and now the chassis that has Grosjean off his game.

For me, it is an easy decision…Nico gets the nod. You may think that Kevin and Nico would be fuel and flame but so too was Kevin and Romain. Nothing changes and perhaps Nico may be less apt to get into tussles with Kevin than Romain was.

I think the team needs car development experience and Nico brings a lot of that. He has had his share of unforced errors but nothing on par with Romain. His is quick if the car is quick and is more consistent.

Easy choice for me but then a lot depends on the price and what deals are working behind the scene that we aren’t aware of and could make one candidate more attractive than the other. For a team who sold its livery to a fake energy drink company, money is an object.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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Nico, no question. Although he would come with a higher sticker price then Romain.

Peter Spentzuris

The Hulk of course… absolutely no question!!!

Fast Freddy

Hulkenberg if for no other reason than change.


I love Grosjean! On his day, he’s a super skilled driver. But those days are becoming increasingly less frequent, and his driving style seems more desperate as of late. For that reason, I’m give Nico a try for 2020.