Hulkenberg to replace Vettel in Bahrain

The good news is that Daniel Ricciardo is feeling much better and has had several negative tests and that means he will start this weekend’s first race of the Formula 1 season. The bad news is, Sebastian Vettel has tested positive for COVID 19. 

The 4-time champ will now hand the car over to reserve driver and fellow German Nico Hulkenberg for the first are of 2022 in Bahrain. F1 has loosened its CV19 restrictions such as isolated bubbles and testing this year. 

There is a 7-day quarantine period and that has raised question as to if Vettel would be ready for next weekend’s race as well. 

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Xean Drury

I hope he Cinderellas that thing into a podium. Of all the people, that man deserves it. ~X8


Given Danny Ric’s proximity to other drivers during the No War photo shoot, is it possible that a couple more could fall victim like poor Seb has?