Hungarian GP Review | Podcast Ep 794

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix. We cover each team as they finish and discuss Ferrari’s race strategy as well as red Bull and much more. We hand out awards and no secret who the donkey was.

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Louis Jansen

Tips for Monza GP visit: go to the Monza banking and see how incredibly steep it is. Inside the Curva Grande you can get close to the track, just at braking point for Variante della Roggia(second chicane), see and feel how fast F1 is!
Porsche Supercup: best sounding cars, should be enjoyed at Variante Ascari(third chicane). Can we please call these corners by their real name instead of numbers? And talk to the Italian fans, you will be surprised how many can speak a bitta of Inglesi!!


Not so much tips but experiences that I had at Monza in ’96, first time Ferrari had won there in 8 years. It’s madness with the Tifosi, in a good way, especially if you’re a Ferrari fan, there’s red just everywhere. One dude crawled under the fencing on the last lap and started kissing the track while cars where still finishing. Another dude had brought a fold out bicycle, and at the end of the race, ran down crawled under the fencing, unfolded his bike and cycled as fast as he could to the podium so he could be front… Read more »


don ‘t beat yourself up Todd… there is no way (with the scant output of tech info on TV) you could have seen the tire/weather issue clearly.
Good podcast!


Hey, want some good news about Ferrari?
Yeah, that’s about it.