Apparently a topless waitress and some taxi cab drivers are being investigated for a tourist scam at the Hungarian Grand Prix.The allegations are that several tourists were taken to a location and had to pay a large amount of cash to be taken back to their original destination.

The topless waitress was also implicated for pressuring guests to order very expensive drinks and if they refused, they were assaulted.

Does anyone know if Max was at the Hungarian Grand Prix?  He has such long-lasting and trusting relationships with scantily clad women of ill repute that it just seems this could be an opportunity for him.  Perhaps she could have asked for teams to comply to new regulations and then had them assaulted if they refused.  Why stop at German Prison Camp hookers when you can have Cab drivers and topless waitresses on your A-list of friends?

It seems to me that the tourists are complaining of being scammed at a nightclub or taken to and from nightclubs by specious cab drivers.  Hmmm…is that surprising to anyone?

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