“I Can’t Speak. I’m Too Busy”

Monaco Max Mosley

Well Max Mosley has made an appearance, albeit brief, at the Monaco Grand Prix paddock.Failing to posses a modicum of contrition for his actions in Chelsea, Max chose the highest profile race of the year to free fall back into the public cauldron of boiling judgment apparently seeking some sort of absolution. Max said he was too busy to speak with reporters as he hovered over the asphalt of establishment. Obviously off to some important meeting to negotiate troop movements and lay a few claymores out to stave off the invading Army de’ Commerciale.

Meanwhile, Commander-in-chief of the Army de’ Commeciale, Bernie Ecclestone, has played down the Mosley-described war for Formula 1 by saying:

“Max is at the moment is blowing a bit of a smokescreen to stop all the other nonsense,” said Ecclestone. “He is going to say whatever he thinks is the right thing to say. The bottom line is simple: if this incident had not happened to him, which is totally private, would he have informed the clubs in the way that he has informed them?”

When asked if he was in a war with Max over the future of F1, Bernie said “No, I don’t think so.”

I am sure there is a sliver of truth in that Max is negotiating some of the nuances of the Concorde Agreement and that FOM and CVC are looking for an improvement in their position but is that unrealistic? Wouldn’t anyone try to negotiate more profit, control and freedom in any contract? Max, I fear, is using anything at this point to pull focus back to F1. Including setting up Mr. E as the bad cop in the good cop/bad cop scenario. Tragically, for Max, I don’t think it’s working. Most people have already pulled on their gas masks on this issue Max and can see through the smokescreen.

Here’s my question at this point in what I am calling the Circus Maximus ( no pun intended); if you are willing to put yourself before F1 in this time of tumult, how can I really trust that you will place F1 before your own personal interests? How can the teams and FIA members ever believe that you will do what is best for all of them and instead of what is best for you? That, my embattled friend, is what seperates true leaders from opportunistic poltroons. Good luck in retirement and write when you find work.


Negative Camber

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