If I was Jenson, I’d be pretty P.O.’d


Trolling through the non-Michael Schumacher news, and I checked in over at McLaren’s site to see what the team might be saying about Jenson Button’s second-lap retirement at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Apparently, someone left a cooling cap on Button’s left sidepod.

A cooling cap? Seriously?

Via the team’s PR people, Jenson is handling things a lot better than I — and dare I say, Button’s team mate, Lewis Hamilton — would:

“That was extremely disappointing. I knew after the formation lap that there was a cooling cover left on the left-hand sidepod, where the radiator is.

“We thought everything was going to be okay, and it would probably have been fine if we hadn’t had a Safety Car. My car quickly began to overheat and I started losing engine power, so I turned the engine off pretty sharply because the last thing I wanted was to leave engine oil on the racing line.

“Today was just one of those days. It was human error, a mistake, and that’s all there is to it. I’m still only eight points behind the lead of the drivers’ championship and we head to Turkey feeling confident that we’ll be more competitive there.”

I have to hand it to Button, he’s handling this well, and I’ve got to think that in comparison to Hamilton again arguing with the team in public over his radio, Button is the crew’s favorite.

Martin Whitmarsh, too, put the problem to “human error”:

“Jenson’s afternoon was very disappointing one for him, through no fault of his own. Human error caused a cooling cover to be left off the left-hand radiator on the lap to the grid – and, despite our best efforts to recover the situation, the components underneath the car got too hot, and Jenson was forced to switch the engine off when a small fire developed.”

Those kind of errors will not bring McLaren victory this season, that’s for sure.

But, on the bright side … umm… he did that cool Tag ad on a yacht!

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