If not Kimi, then who?

There is a nice piece over at BBC by Andrew benson about the reality of Kimi Raikkonen’s retention at Ferrari. The point is, it may not be a reality at all given the current situation.

The article does a nice job of unpacking the details and enigma that is Kimi and it shares some comments from Ferrari bosses about the likelihood of Raikkonen remaining at Ferrari.

[quote_box_center]”Kimi’s future is in his own hands,” says Ferrari’s no-nonsense, straight-talking new president, Sergio Marchionne.[/quote_box_center]

The question I’d like to ask here is IF Ferrari decide to part ways with Kimi again, who should they go after? Keep in mind that Ferrari aren’t like other teams in that they normally haven’t gone for the one veteran and one rookie format. They like two veterans at the wheels.

Many say Bottas but he’s struggling to beat Massa (who they let go) and others say Esteban Gutierrez is the likely guy but is he? Why not Nico Hulkenberg or is there merit to stealing Daniel Ricciardo?

Hat Tip: BBC Sport

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Paul KieferJr

Given all that’s happened so far, I’d put a little more money on Hulkenberg than I would on either Bottas or Ricciardo.


Hulkenberg has certainly shown great ability in every series and car he has raced, and the porsche Le Mans win has certainly raised his profile. It would be great to see him get a chance to drive a top line F1 car.
Mischievously, I’d also suggest that if Ferrari are looking for a proven points gatherer, then either Alonso, Massa, or even Button could do a great job of backing up Vettel ;-)


Gutierrez? What has he ever done besides visit the gravel trap.

Ian Robinson



From what I’ve seen in the media recently, it seems that Hulkenburg has overtaken Bottas as favorite for the seat, at least from the fans/journalist point of view. This makes a lot of sense, as we all know what Hulk can do. He put an uncompetitive williams on pole in drying track. He had some great battles with Alonso in a much superior Ferrari in 2013, finishing 4th in korea, ahead of Hamilton and Alonso. He is somehow 9th in the championship driving last years car not to mention the Le Mans win. Bottas, on the other hand had a… Read more »

Ian Robinson

My money would be on the hulk, but what about the overshadowed Sainz Jr? Doing a great job but has the disability of being older than 17?
Or Fred nasser? Also impressive in the sauber .

Wojciech Melanowski

Thinking outside of the box, could Robert Kubica be fit enough for a superlicense and his comeback? Given RK’s WRC team hickups (he finances himself), and Vettel’s recent comments on Robert’s ability to Perform, one might start wondering… They both have history of working together, both would fit the mature:mature no.2 scenario.

Disclaimer: my view might be somewhat biased ;) , my college classmate is RK’s current co-pilot