Imola GP Review | Podcast Ep 887

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Todd and Paul discuss the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and the performance of the teams and drivers. They talk about Max Verstappen’s struggles with grip and how Red Bull worked to improve the car between Friday and Saturday.

They also discuss McLaren’s strong performance and their potential to challenge Red Bull and Ferrari. They analyze Carlos Sainz’s struggles and speculate on his future with Ferrari. They also mention Mercedes’ performance and Lewis Hamilton’s off-track moment. In this part of the conversation, Todd and Paul discuss the strategic decisions made by Mercedes and Aston Martin during the race. They question the decision to pit George Russell late, which resulted in him finishing in P7 instead of P6.

They also analyze Fernando Alonso’s race, who started from the pit lane due to suspension changes and had a challenging race. They discuss the performance of Aston Martin and Haas, as well as the struggles of Daniel Ricciardo and the potential need for changes at McLaren.

They also talk about Yuki Tsunoda’s impressive performance and the overall midfield battle. The conversation ends with a discussion about the possibility of Adrian Newey’s absence affecting Red Bull’s performance and the rules regarding starting from the pit lane in different series.

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00:00 Max Verstappen’s Grip Struggles and Red Bull’s Improvements
11:54 McLaren’s Strong Performance and Potential to Challenge
32:36 Mercedes’ Performance and Hamilton’s Off-Track Moment
33:36 Questioning Strategic Decisions
35:09 Analyzing Aston Martin and Haas
39:07 Impressive Performance by Yuki Tsunoda
40:12 Assessing Daniel Ricciardo’s Struggles
46:24 Starting from the Pit Lane
51:38 Recognizing Lando Norris’ Drive
55:09 Max Verstappen’s Tough Weekend
59:25 The Impact of Adrian Newey’s Absence
01:01:35 Looking Forward to Monaco




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