Imola GP Review | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 780

Join Paul and me as we review the Imola Grand Prix. We cover each team and driver as they finished and hand out awards like Move of the race, Donkey of the race and Drive of the race.

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Was it just me who had the flashbacks to Prost spinning off in his Ferrari in ’91 (I think) during the warm up lap?

jiji the cat

ha i remember that, and he was “let go” from ferrari that year for bad mouthing the car, or was that the following year?


I had to look it up, yes it was ’91.
I believe that he binned it at Imola on purpose as the car was such a dog.

Worthless Opinion

I’m a traditional man who values consistency and I so appreciate being able to count on at least 10 minutes of moaning about DRS, it’s especially relaxing because I know I won’t have to think about any proposed solutions, it’s always just ‘i know it sucked without it but it sucks with it too’ (just kidding I very much enjoyed this race review, as usual). Still and all a solution would be nice, instead of just ‘this isn’t real racing’ and while I’ve long believed a big part of the problem is the width of the cars vs the track,… Read more »

The International

well i think we have come up with an idea for many years nows and it seems to be where F1 is moving, that being a spec rear wing with low downforce points, the teams can then balance the rest of the car to that performance level. Knock on effect faster straight-line, longer braking zones (as you pointed out) and a car that would be less sensitive to following wake.