‘impressed by the Brawn’

We usually do not covering testing times and the like but this is the last session and worth noting that there seems to be some praise and concern coming from the lovely nation that is Spain. It seems that Jenson Button, Brawn GP, lead the session straight away and finished 4th on the day. This lead Jarno trulli to utter what is sure to be the new catch-phrase at F1B:

I was impressed by the Brawn, which was straight away looking well, which is positive for formula one, everybody, and I am happy for the team and everyone there as they have had such a difficult time.”

Emphasis added by F1B for future reference.

And nick heidfeld, who has been doing a spanking job in his BMW lately said:

“No matter how they did the time, it was good,” Heidfeld said after some speculation on Brawn GP’s fuel load.

But there is also another issue occurring in Spain; that would be the lack of pace that the new McLaren seems to be showing. Now, before I start circling the wagons and claiming the McLaren slow, let us realize that these folks are nothing short of brilliant and have learned all to well the old Ferrari sandbag trick of years of yore. I suspect that McLaren could be pacing themselves and if they do have a problem, it will be solved prior to Oz.

Nick Heidfeld said:

“Where they are now, they do not belong, Even if they are having problems now, they will get over them,” he said as Heikki was at the bottom of the time sheets for the day.

Not to fear folks, McLaren will be there come Oz…at least for Grace’s sake I am hoping they will be. Although a Ferrari BMW battle might be fun to watch. ;)

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