Incriminations fester over Webber’s ECU

One would think that Mark Webber’s starting troubles were behind him as well as his KERS and electrical problems from 2012 but that’s exactly what the Aussie experienced last weekend at his home grand prix. A long winter’s nap has not remedied Webber’s troubles but apparently the team felt the issues were centered on the ECU which is supplied by McLaren. Team boss Christian Horner said:

“Mark’s problems were hugely frustrating because it was an ECU issue that’s obviously supplied by a third party. We lost all telemetry on the formation lap, so you can’t do the preparation you need to for the start,” Horner said.

“That ECU issue shut the KERS down as well. So by the time we’d reset the system, he’d lost the start and lost early ground.”

After further examination, McLaren were quick to remove themselves from the debate by offering this assessment to AUTOSPORT:

“There was an issue with Mark Webber’s data system in the garage during the formation lap. The ECU on the car was fine.

“We regret any disruption caused to Mark’s preparations for the start of the race and will continue to work with the team to prevent any recurrence.”

It’s a shame because Webber has had his share of issue with KERS and electronics for the past few years. Unfortunately, he’s had major issues with starting as well and while this weekend’s grand prix may have been fueled by an issue with their electrics, the Australian is not know for his electric starts.

I am not sure what Mark works on when in the simulator but if I were Horner, I’d ask him to stay after school and spend the next week doing nothing but starting procedures. Once started, the man is terrific in the race. Imagine what he’d do if he got his starts better?

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