Indian Grand Prix? Why not? No money,track or interest

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Apparently, F1 commercial rights CEO Bernie Ecclestone, signed a deal long ago with India to host a grand prix (one would presume he signed a deal with the promoter JPSK Sports). The track hasn’t been built and the Indian Sports minister says F1 is not a sport and the request for the Indian government to actual pay the nearly $36,000,000 sanctioning fee was denied. But why let little things like that stop you when you have an opportunity to perpetuate the massive CVC revenue juggernaut by ditching historic tracks for Tilke wonders in the east?

India’s inability to get out of their own way when it comes to being a one-sport country is legendary and as Ecclestone says the race will happen in 2011 the rest of the world says:

“OMG what R U doing? Who R U going to cut to make room for this race? Spa? WTF?”

We also heard this week that South Korea has ginned up some interest and cash to launch their bid to host a grand prix as well. So Ecclestone’s mission must plainly be this:

All F1 tracks, irrespective or history or competitive performance or attendance, are just part of a revolving door of revenue for CVC. In essence, any track who is willing to pay $30,000,000 in sanctioning fees takes precedent over the historic tracks who are not willing to pay as much or incapable of generating that kind of revenue unless the government, local or national, bails them out.

The concept is to have 30 tracks at any time that can host an event and just churn through them as the monies become available. The short story would be to just fleece governments and promoters until the revenue stream is over. F1 is a business, I get that but at this point is not not likely that the operating costs are trumped up by an over inflated bond that was floated by the CVC? The actual cost of F1 has been culled as the economy has mandated but the interest payments and loans that were done prior to economic meltdown seemingly have not been renegotiated.

If the new tracks were designed as comparable replacement for the old historic tracks and capable of creating new legendary races and status; maybe the fans would be less likely to rebel against the concept but with all due respect for track designer Herman Tilke, the new tracks just lack the panache and character of places like Sps, Monza, Silverstone, Canada et. al.

Ecclestone said:

“We are waiting for the circuit to be constructed,” Ecclestone told PTI. “The foundation stone will be laid in late October. I will be in India to lay the foundation stone.

“It’s (the race) been on for a long time. There’s never been any doubt. The contract was signed a long time ago.”


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