IndyCar updates rules before Mid-Ohio

INDYCAR officials have made the following rule changes before Sunday’s Mid Ohio Honda Indy 200. The changes were released publicly today, but were given to teams and drivers earlier in the week. Two of the three rules hope to clarify some issues that came up during the Toronto Doubleheaders 3 weeks ago.

The first rule change is in regards to rule, which now states that all lapped cars will be moved to the back of the pack if a restart occurs with 15 laps remaining.

The second rule change states that if an on track incident constitutes a penalty than cannot be served during the race, the results will be declared provisional until the incident is reviewed by the race officials. This change is put in place after the Toronto Doubleheader Race 1 fiasco that resulted in Dario Franchitti being given a blocking penalty, only to have it overturned after his team presented evidence that proved otherwise.

The third is that if a tire is damaged during the race, the two-lap minimum on the option red tires will no long apply to the team affected. This again appears to come in the wake of Toronto, where Franchitti was involved in contact early in race 2 and pitted to change his tires. The confusion there was that INDYCAR officials told the teams that due to the shortage of tires during the doubleheader weekend,  the two lap rule went out the window. Now, the rule will be in effect at every road and street circuit.

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