INDYCAR updates two rules prior to Baltimore

Two rule updates have been made to the INDYCAR rule book before this weekend’s Baltimore Grand Prix.

Rule 7.9.17:Any participant who, in the opinion of the officials, positions a car, equipment, and/or personnel so as to create a hazard or disruption of the event or to interfere with the activities of another competitor may be penalized.

This rule has been implemented in the wake of the controversial call against Scott Dixon in last week’s Go Pro Grand Prix of Sonoma.

The other update is in regards to displaying the blue flag to lapped cars.

Rule When displayed from the starters stand to a lapped car, as ordered directly by the Race Director, the blue flag is a command to immediately give way. During the race, any car failing to give way within one lap of the display of the blue flag from the starters stand will be penalized.

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