Indycar Vote: Lola deserves your vote

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Some of you are cross pollinating and I know it. Some of you are secret Indycar fans who just happen to watch F1 races. Some of you are darned concerned with the Indycar series and more importantly the way to fix the series. For those “some”, I offer your chance to voice and opinion on which chassis should be the 2012 selection for Indycar. VOTE HERE!

Now I may be biased here–long-time listeners/readers will know why–but I think the Lola looks terrific. I think Lola has the capacity and technical skills to save Indycar from itself. With new Indycar CEO Randy Bernard on board, it makes sense to start from a fresh sheet of paper and what better way to solve the lingering Indycar issues than a new chassis designed specifically for the series by none other than Lola?

Go vote for who you like and don’t let me sway you one way or the other but just know that a vote for Lola is a vote for sanity and a return to true American open-wheel racing. Just saying…


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