Intense focus on Ferrari as testing at Mugello begins

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The good news for you Scuderia fans — Fernando Alonso has topped the initial testing at Mugello today. The bad news? Everyone is saying this is a make or break moment for Ferrari this season.

Seriously, everyone. The BBC. Autosport. Even the official Formula 1 site:

All eyes will be on the Scuderia at Mugello, and not just because they own the circuit. After the radical F2012’s largely disappointing results, major upgrades are planned ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix and fans and journalists attending the test will be hungry for signs of their potential success – or otherwise. So fundamental are the car’s supposed flaws, many believe Ferrari’s chances of mounting a serious title challenge in 2012 could rest on what they achieve over these three days.

And here’s what team boss Stefano Domenicali said, according to the BBC: “”The coming days will be important. The main objective is to push hard on the development of the car.” He added that  it is “clear that we must step up a gear, right from the next race”.

It feels like it’s been a yearly step back for Ferrari for a handful of seasons at this point. Todd has even asked if having Alonso has perhaps contributed to the issue — just by his driving masking the problems.

So where do you think Ferrari will head from here? Has there been enough turn over in the paddock? Does there need to be a clean sweep out? Does it have to begin with Stefano?


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