iPhone 4: Sena cases take pole position

Part of the problem with being an early adopter is that the accessory options are limited or simply not existent. Such was the case, no pun intended, with the iPhone 4. It may not have been a big issue if the iPhone 4 wasn’t, as it turns out, reliant on a case to cure the “death grip” issue some experienced. The need for a case in a market that had no cases was intolerable.

So here we sat, waiting on a plethora of cases to come out way. Apple didn’t release any case dimension or details the case manufacturers ahead of time so they could coordinate their product releases. No, Apple chose to just leave their new iPhone 4 in bars for technology blogs to steal and release photo’s prematurely. Odd world that technology.

I have good news! As you may know, I like to review the odd technology at F1B because that’s my day job…technology. As it is, I am an iPhone owner. I have the new iPhone 4 and like many, I loathed that clear plastic piece of crap that Best Buy had a week after the phone was released. It was miserable. I waited for my go-to case company to release a leather iPhone 4 case and guess what? They have!

Sena 1

Sena Cases have been a long-time favorite of mine for years and I am happy to say that my wife and I have had several as our phones have changed over time. With each new phone, came a new Sena Case. With each new Sena Case, came serious punishment from us. The Sena case handled everything we threw at it and never allowed a phone to break.

I wanted to share this new iPhone 4 case because decent cases for the new phone are hard to find. I contacted other phone case manufacturers and many never returned the emails inquiring about their phones. Sena cases have always been very excited about working with F1B and their customer service has been terrific.

The case I have is the Sarach hand-sewn case in black leather. It fits nicely in the hand, is durable and allows access to all of the buttons, ports and speakers. It doesn’t cover buttons with some goofy plastic nubs that are depressed on top of your buttons.

Sena 2

I was expecting the leather Sarach to make the phone quite a bit bigger but was surprised at how little profile the leather added to the iPhone 4. It is made from very high-quality leather and the hand-sewn stitch in gray is very nice looking.

I have used it for a week now and had many compliments. In fact, several folks at the office have purchased one as well. Don’t get me wrong, iPhone’s are not the only case they make. They have a complete line as well as iPad cases. Check out the full line here at Senacases.com

Sena 3

I can also report that the Leather Sena case does not affect any signal strength and does fit the bill for the “death grip” issue some have reported with the iPhone 4. They also make a version that has a small wallet on the back that is really nice for business cards etc.

If you’re a female iPhone 4 owner, I can also recommend the wallet book version that is my wife’s favorite…in pink of course. We haven’t got one for her yet but I am certain, based upon the one we had for her old 3GS, that it is as durable and convenient as all the Sena cases.

No matter what your preference, Senna cases make a style for you. Some don’t want leather and prefer a plastic touch to the iPhone and I can appreciate that but I have found the the leather cases are more durable, less susceptible to oils, lotions and UV rays that the plastic ones. I also have found that the leather cases are better protection than some of the plastic “skins” that some people prefer. It is a preference issue, there is little doubt, but Sena has always been a terrific case for me.

Sena 4

Yes, I know it’s an F1 blog but there are a large number of people that visit F1B via their iPhones and the reviews I did last year were met with several nice emails regarding the public service of our review. F1 fans usually have nice phones and decent technology or at least appreciate it and for that reason, I occasionally like to highlight a product such as Sena.

Th other reason? IT”S SENA for crying out loud. Yes, it’s not spelled like the legendary driver Ayrton Senna but it’s close enough for me. Check them out and I know you won’t be disappointed.

Sena 1

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