Irvine slams Double Points rule in F1

As the sun set on the Formula 1 career of Mark Webber, fans voiced their lamentations that it would be sad to see such and straight-talking, tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy in the paddock. Webber was never short of words and spoke his mind with that certain Aussie flair that many F1 fans cherished.

Not to worry, just because drivers leave F1 doesn’t mean they still don’t have opinions about the series or that they stop offering those opinions. Take former Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine, he pre-dated Webber’s straight talking style and where Mark had some moorings on his commentary, Irvine was more like a ship set full sail in a tempest.

The latest musings from Irvine come courtesy of Belfast Telegraph regarding the new rule of Double points for the final race of the 2014 season:

“I think Formula One has lost its way. This latest rule of double points for the last race is insanity. That actually made me realise I am not going to watch another race until that rule gets kicked out. That is just embarrassing. It really is. They should be ashamed of themselves.

“I just think the people involved in these decisions have lost the plot. They have no understanding of reality and the people who are in there have been in too long. They have blown up the history of the sport by changing the points, changing the qualifying and now double points for the final race!”

“It’s ridiculous, I’ve never heard such a joke in all my life. Talk about tinsel town bulls***!”

Irvine joins a chorus of fans and even World Champion Sebastian Vettel who called the notion “absurd”.

The FIA have released any follow up to the announcement but Force India driver Sergio Perez was quick to praise the new rule and one has to assume he isn’t alone in the paddock but like all ticking time bombs, most people stay far away from nuclear decisions such as this one. Not Irvine and com to think of it, I would love to hear Mark Webber’s take on it as well.

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