Is Alonso starting a cycling team yet?

Ever since Alberto Contador set the world on fire in the Tour de France, Fernando Alonso has been toying with the idea of starting his own cycling team. The deal was thought to be done back in 2013 when he was rumored to be the last potential savior of the Basque team, Euskaltel-Euskadi, but that fell through.

Then in 2014, he hired Italian cycling genius, Paolo Bettini, to start setting up his team for 2015 but that abruptly ended with an apology from Alonso for all the fuss.

Now it seems that the rumors are still churning for a possible entrance in 2017 as Alonso said:

“This year [2016] it is not going to happen. Next year? If the circumstances are right…that depends on other actors, not just us.”

It does seem like a few of the players he is trying to work with have backed out for whatever reason but Alonso likes the idea of owning a cycling team and one would assume he’d like to have Contador on his squad. It’s a shame the deal with Bettini didn’t work out as he explained:

“we worked for five months on the structure of the team, it was 70 per cent completed, I was in contact with 15 riders with the preliminary contract, with directeurs sportifs, it was ready to go. Then in May 2014, it all finished, I don’t know why.

“The Alonso project was going to be big, with a Formula 1 driver, it would have been big for cycling. The Fernando project was not just for a professional team, but for the women’s team, a young team, not only for cycling, but for other projects.”

I reckon Alonso will eventually get a team on the tour but the longer he waits, the older Contador’s legs get and he may have to look for another Spanish rider to take the role as team leader with a host of domestiques to support him.

So we head into our fourth year of Alonso rumors concerning his buying a team but still no firm answers. If McLaren keep up their lackluster performance, the decision could come sooner than expected.

Hat Tip: Cycling News

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