Is Canadian Grand Prix back on for 2009?

Canadian Grand Prix
According the GMM, there is a possibility that the Canadian Grand Prix may be back ont he 2009 schedule. Apparently Abu Dhabi is behind schedule for construction and as a stop-gap measure the Canadian GP could be back on. According to Mr. Tremblay:

“We have been talking with Bernie Ecclestone about it coming back in 2011 and 2010,” Tremblay confirmed to the Montreal Gazette. However, he stated that he would be reluctant simply to offer Montreal as a one-off substitute for Abu Dhabi. “We don’t want to have it just in 2009. We want a long term agreement that respects our ability to pay,” said Tremblay.

~source GMM

I wonder if Bernie is actually being amiable and friendly during these conversations after telling Canada to go jump off a cliff? Tremblay should say something like this:

“If Bernie is going to come in here and tell us to eff ourselves and our race, then he better be prepared to pull the eff’ing trigger and make sure he has some Abu Dhabi bullets or he will pull back a bloody stump!”.

Just saying…

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