Is F1 worth the entry fee? Maybe not

AS we’ve mentioned before, the teams are heading to Paris later this month for a very important meeting about the future of Formula One. As AUTOSPORT says, it’s about the governance and entry fees and they go one to share Sauber CEO, Monisha Kaltenborn’s thoughts on the governance and entry fee issues:

“They are both important issues,” she said. “You cannot just look at one aspect. We are here in a business and a sport, so you have to look at both. I could not rate one more important than the other.

“There are so many issues that are outstanding. Therefore it is really important to sit down together and to know where we are exactly, which we don’t know yet.”

Formula 1 is an expensive sport and I doubt anyone in that industry knows otherwise but if the entry fees are substantially increased, then what difference would an increase in payout be if it’s significantly impacted by the pay-to-play fee the FIA is seeking?

It says a lot about the issue with Kaltenborn suggests that it is on equal footing in severity as the entire governance of the sport. That must be some healthy entry fee increase to get the teams in a row over allowing the FIA to make more money for their part in the new Concorde Agreement. Interesting that FIA president Jean Todt has chosen increased entry fees as the method of getting a bigger piece of the pie.

The teams were looking for cost-cutting oversight and regulatory control as well as new regulations for 2014. Apparently the FIA wasn’t confident in charging more for these services and simply chose to increase the entry fee?  I’m guessing here but that seems an odd play if that’s the case and clearly the teams aren’t happy about it.

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