Is Force India only hope for Hulkenberg?

If rumors are true, Lotus F1 is trying desperately to get a deal inked with Quantum Motorsports which could allow for the hiring of Nico Hulkenberg. However, Sky Sports F1 says that this may not be happening and the team could fall back on an option for Pastor Maldonado in order to secure the rumored $20M in PDVSA sponsor money that comes with him.

If that happens, it could leave a possible seat option at Force India for the German as Sky’s Martin Brundle says:

“What happens with Maldonado and that Lotus seat will be a bellwether for what is going on in Formula 1,” Martin Brundle told Sky Sports News. “There are only five teams which are financially secure and the rest of them are all struggling so they are following the money and not the talent.

“I spoke to Hulkenberg’s manager this morning and he is terrified that Hulkenberg will end up with nowhere to drive next year which is utterly, utterly ridiculous. Unfortunately, the midfield need money and he doesn’t bring money, just talent and speed.”

It would truly be a ridiculous situation that sheds more light on the current struggles in Formula 1. F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has been know to oil some gears in F1 to get a driver in particular seats in order to improve the spectacle and one has to wonder why he hasn’t done so with Hulkenberg.

Most F1 fans agree that the German has proven he has what it takes for a top ride in the sport and while Formula One Management (FOM) seem keen to get Russian kids into the sport to prop up the first Russian Grand Prix in 2014, it says very little about the sport trying to get the best drivers and competition moving forward.

It’s a sad narrative to be sure but the Force India deal for Hulkenberg is said to be a two-year offer and given Sauber’s current form, this may not be a bad move should Lotus F1 dry and wither on the vine.

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