Is Lando scared of Max? | Podcast Ep 873

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Join Grace and me as we discuss the new contracts for Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc. Was Lando scared to go to Red Bull like some are saying? What is Alpha Tauri’s new name? Visa Cash Cow F1? Wait, Andretti already built and F1 car?

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SummaryIn this episode, Todd and Grace discuss Formula One news, including contract extensions for Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc. They also review the Rolex 24 from Daytona and share their thoughts on Lando Norris’ comments about racing against Max Verstappen. Finally, they discuss potential drivers who could pair well with Verstappen at Red Bull and clarify the role of F-Duct and Komatsu in the sport. In this part of the conversation, the principal themes include Renault’s path through Formula One, Liberty Media’s value and investments, Lewis Hamilton’s change in management, Toro Rosso’s name change to AlphaTauri, and Michael Andretti’s car project. The conversation covers various topics including proof of concept and backing, albums and sound bites, bike launches and Formula One, Ducati’s Vroom-like event, Audi and Ducati collaboration, no-shit headlines, Red Bull’s young driver program, F1 legends and famous WAGs, interest in wives and girlfriends, thank you to Patreon supporters, apologies for technical difficulties, interacting with the live audience, promoting the podcast, and closing remarks.


  • Contract extensions provide stability for drivers and their teams.
  • Timing and team dynamics play a significant role in driver decisions.
  • Winning races is not the sole measure of a driver’s skill or potential.
  • Pairing drivers with complementary personalities can lead to successful partnerships. Renault’s journey in Formula One would make for an interesting book
  • Liberty Media is the most valuable sports empire
  • Lewis Hamilton has changed his management team
  • Toro Rosso has been renamed AlphaTauri
  • Michael Andretti is working on a car project
00:00Introduction and Formula One News
07:11Review of the Rolex 24 from Daytona
11:35Contract Extensions for Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc
22:26Lando Norris’ Comments on Racing Against Max Verstappen
26:50Potential Drivers to Pair with Max Verstappen at Red Bull
29:39Clarification on F-Duct and Komatsu’s Role
31:59Renault’s Path Through Formula One
34:10Liberty Media’s Value and Investments
41:59Lewis Hamilton’s Change in Management
48:53Toro Rosso’s Name Change to AlphaTauri
58:23Visa Cash App Red Bull Formula One Team
01:00:45Michael Andretti’s Car Project
01:02:45Proof of Concept and Backing
01:03:13Albums and Sound Bites
01:03:35Bike Launches and Formula One
01:04:03Ducati’s Vroom-Like Event
01:05:28Audi and Ducati Collaboration
01:06:33No-Shit Headlines
01:07:28Red Bull’s Young Driver Program
01:07:57F1 Legends and Famous WAGs
01:10:30Interest in Wives and Girlfriends
01:13:39Thank You to Patreon Supporters
01:14:15Apologies for Technical Difficulties
01:15:11Interacting with Live Audience
01:16:10Promoting the Podcast
01:16:33Closing Remarks
Liberty Article I wrote a few years ago:
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So, can you see Fernando and Lance doing this:


Okay. I need to know something, because it’s driving me crazy: What is the origin of the new Haas soundboard cue (“NO, NO, NO…”)?
Every time I hear it, I laugh out loud SO HARD (which is occasionally awkward when I am listening via earbuds in at the gym). It’s the funniest thing ever, and I am not sure why.