Is Manor losing Booth, Lowdon?

An interesting piece in the Telegraph this morning about Manor GP (Marussia) losing its leadership just when they are on the verge of gaining a Mercedes engine supply and possibly moving up the field in 2016.

Graeme Lowdon, sporting director, and John Booth, team principal, are said to be leaving the team having become frustrated with new team owner and energy baron, Stephen Fitzpatrick.

No doubt it is Fitzpatrick’s cash that has kept the team alive but Booth founded Manor back in 1990 and has been a visible figure in Formula 1 for decades.

The team are set to run Mercedes power units in 2016 and it has me somewhat concerned about the issue as the chassis for next year should be well and truly nearly developed and the engine sorted.

According to the Telegraph, the duo may seek refuge in a World Endurance Championship (WEC) role but that has not been confirmed.

The challenge is who to find to replace these venerable team bosses as well as concern, from my part, about the team’s solvency given they are poised for a Merc lump supply. Red BUll may be watching this closely.

Hat Tip: Telegraph

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Alianora La Canta

Any solvency issues will not be from the Mercedes engine (which is likely to be no pricier than the engine Manor currently has) but from the fact that John and Graeme are the core of the team, have earned the loyalty of that very tightly-knit squad many times over, and kept the team afloat long enough for someone with money to arrive. Without them at the helm, I can see there being a lot of issues with new bosses not having the same knowledge of how to lead this particular team through the challenges of the future. That will lead… Read more »


Rating Lowdon and Booth quite highly, I’m really concerned for the team if they’re resigning because of differences of opinion with the owner. Having both retire together is even more telling.

Paul KieferJr

So, I’m wondering what’s driving the wedge there.


Joe Saward is as always worth a read: I know that FBC has a good relationship with Saward’s sort of arch enemy, but today I don’t care.

Paul KieferJr

So, if you injected truth serum into Fitzpatrick, what would he say was his main reason to purchase the team in the first place. I’m beginning to think he was there just to turn a profit and then get the heck outta there (kinda like a microcosm of CVC Capital).


The JA on F1 website is saying they have both resigned. That must be tough for the two guys who have been at the heart of Manor for so long. I’ll bet that there will be some interest in acquiring that Mercedes engine contract, probably from McLaren as well as Red Bull

Tom Firth

News today is that Bob Bell is going to leave the team as well.