Is Mercedes missing Brawn?

As the media reflect on the Monaco Grand Prix, I do find it interesting to see the perspectives of former drivers. John Watson reckons they are both “behaving like pre-pubescent girls” and then goes on to explain all the things that Lewis did during the weekend—not sure why that implicates Rosberg who was rather quiet for most of the weekend.

Interestingly, I’ve seen the name Ross Brawn come up twice this morning in terms of a missing link at Mercedes to calm this situation down. First from Watson:

“Both Hamilton and Rosberg have grown up in a gilded world which is as real as fantasy is. They are not emotionally equipped or developed to know how to deal with this battle, and I don’t believe there is anyone of the quality of Ross Brawn at Mercedes who has that ability either.
Indeed, if Brawn had been running the team, as he had been up until last year, the situation between the two drivers would have been handled a lot better.”

“Niki said he will ‘sort it out’, and he is a very pragmatic man, but in a sense he is part of the problem because has been ‘bigging up’ Hamilton.

I don’t see anyone at Mercedes with the authority, the credibility and the gravitas that Brawn had. If you think back to last year’s Malaysian Grand Prix, Rosberg wanted to catch and pass Hamilton, and Brawn emphatically said: “No. Hold position.” It is not just what you say, it is the way you say it and it is the person who says it. Rosberg thought about it, but then obeyed the command.”

Watson went on to share his thoughts on the issue at hand—namely Monaco—a decent read.

What also caught my attention was the interview with John Surtees at MotorSport Magazine in which he said:

“I know they have the experience of Niki Lauda in the team, but perhaps Ross Brawn is being missed.” Said Surtees.

John was equally nonplussed by the actions of Lewis Hamilton saying:

“I have no doubt about Lewis Hamilton’s driving ability, but I didn’t like what I saw and heard from Monaco. I can understand the frustration that Lewis must have felt in not having that opportunity on the last lap of qualifying to get pole. But I think his reaction to his team-mate and team was wrong.”

As for that story of growing up in Stevenage? Yeah, Surtees lived there too:

“Lewis had said earlier that he had more motivation than Nico to win the World Championship because of his upbringing in a flat in Stevenage, where incidentally I used to lodge when starting my career racing the Norton, as against Nico growing up in Monaco.”

At this point, who hasn’t slept on a couch in Stevenage? Heck, it seems many of the Formula 1 greats have spent a lot of time on couches at some point in their career. Except Nico of course.

Speaking of Nico, what a horrible situation he finds himself in at a promotional event for Mercedes where two people were hit by a car and taken to hospital with bad injuries? Not the way you want to spend your in-between week celebrating your Monaco win.

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