Is Raikkonen asleep? Ferrari ponder new deal

As Ferrari celebrate a podium finish in Bahrain from Kimi Raikkonen, the talk now centers on his contract renewal and if the 2007 champ will be retained by the Scuderia.

According to team boss Maurizio Arrivebene, it’s a blank sheet of paper now and he likes when Kimi is awake and alert instead of falling asleep with apathy toward his career and performance:

“He has demonstrated he’s a great driver so if you’re asking now if he deserves to renew the option, I’m going to say yes.

“But if I’m going to say yes, I don’t want a driver to fall asleep.”

So the insomniac has awaken after a brief Italian slumber and is now ready to get a contract extension. The question is, would you re-sign Kimi or are there better options for Ferrari at the moment?

Accusing your driver of sleeping at the wheel isn’t the best endorsement but it’s Maurizio’s style and he’s blunt with his assessments.

Arrivebene says Raikkonen is best under pressure and perhaps the biggest pressure is a contract renewal? So would you take a one or two year extension for Kimi at presumably many millions?

Hat Tip: BBC

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Phil Shades Giguere

Yes i would there is enough change being made in the team structure,mindset & the commercial aspect of F1team.Stability for the driver stand point.The 2 champs can challenge each other it’s perfect 4 Ferrari


On the other hand, Ferrari have made change work very successful since the end of last season, perhaps turn over of drivers will help to keep that momentum rolling in 2016.

Paul KieferJr

I’d probably take the Roger Clemens approach: It worked for Curt Schilling. It’d probably work for Raikkonen.
Other than that, he seems to be motivated enough right now, so I’d probably risk it one year at a time, just to keep him motivated.


I agree with him 100%. Kimi is like light switch, either on or off.


It’s easy to appear to be motivated when you have the equipment and backing in the paddock. I can completely understand why last year was pretty much a write – off for Kimi, because he knew damn well that the car was designed and that the upgrades were all aimed at Alonso and his driving style. Now that there are 2 drivers there with the same relative driving style, more rapid gains can be made for both drivers. Kimi is still extremely capable, and quite frankly, the best option available. As much as I’d like to see JEV in some… Read more »

Daniel Johnson

Kimi is awesome when the car suits him and Vettel gets along with him, why rock the boat with less experience or someone who could upset the balance of power? Kimi really is the best of both worlds. Experienced enough to help develop the car and is getting along with him. Part of that is doubtless that they are united in their trying to slay the Mercs, but that isn’t changing until new regulations.


Would just let Kimi contract roll off and sign Hulkenberg for free


I’d think they would be foolish to not Keep Kimi. Her needs to stay. They seem to have a good thing going. I have to think Kimi is only years away from retiring. I would sign him year by year. Kimi can clearly still drive a car, and appears to be highly motivated. Why would they change that? They have 2 A list drives that actually like each other. Not so common these days.


Kimi needs to amp up his edginess again – in the interviews I’ve seen with him this year he just seems disengaged. He’s driving great but without the edgy comments that marked his time at Lotus.
As it turned out he was edgy at Lotus because he wasn’t getting paid, so I reckon Ferrari should sign him for a year, but don’t pay him – that’ll fire him up ;-)


I think part of it is that he has been around so long and has answered all the same stupid questions that reporters ask he is just bored of it all.

I mean the questions they get asked are just pathetic.


Kimi is a world champion, he isn’t happy until he have a winning car. I don’t think this pressure thing works on him.


Guys… Kimi can drive, yes, but what’s more important? He can race. Now that he has a car with a planted front end, now that he has a teammate who develops the car, now that he has a Ferrari paddock team that listens… the rest of the season should be exciting. The fans love him (Ferrari PR is thrilled apparently), the team admires his driving and race ability, and Kimi seems settled. Any of you who need a refresher into what Kimi can do need to go back and see his driving when he was at McLaren – two of… Read more »


As I recall he had a flat spot. In that year you only had one set of tyres for the race. But he kept racing full on. Love the man.