Is Red Bull using ‘Blown Exhaust’?

Italian magazine, Auto Sprint, says they may have Sebastian Vettel’s paced all figured out. According to them, the Red Bull RB9 is using a type of “blown exhaust” that has produced a gain of “2.5 seconds per lap” as seen in the Singapore Grand Prix.

The Italian magazine reckons the exhaust is being controlled mid-corner and they even provide a video as evidence that some tricky exhaust management is being used. Click here to see the story and video.

To those ends, blown exhaust systems were banned but does Vettel’s car sound different? Is there an explanation for the staccato sound that dominated the 2011 season when blown exhausts were all the rage?

Folks have used video from fans before to try to understand certain elements of Formula 1. The sound of the car is certainly important to determining what it may be doing but does this staccato sound implicate anything? What could be the explanation for such a sound?

Certainly KERS could be an element providing power back to the acceleration point at the apex and the engine is generating power but so is KERS. Could this simply be a case of KERS interacting with the engine and deploying its own power back to the transmission and the sound is therefore intermittent?

Regardless of Auto Sprint’s assertions, the issue is that the FIA have listened, heard and know what the teams are most likely up to. If there is a possible exploit, one could assume the FIA know where it might be. I find that where there is a conspiracy, there is usually a very logical explanation and this wouldn’t be the first time a team has been accused of running traction control, illegal engine mapping or dodgy exhaust management.

For all of you petrol heads out there, what do you reckon is the issue at hand?

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