Is Renault, Red Bull getting divorced or married in yellow ceremony?

Relationships take work but the best ones take very little work to be fulfilling. Perhaps Renault and Red Bull had that kind of relationship when it won four titles in a row but last year seemed to be a tipping point and two races into the 2015 season, some folks are talking divorce and departure.

After a few weeks of cooling off, it seems that Renault and Red Bull have come to an agreement according to the company’s motorsport consultant, Helmet Marko. Marko’s comments seem to allude to the speed at which Renault versus Red Bull approaches challenges or changes. Helmet sees this as a corporate culture issue:

“We have implemented now a system where it is clearly defined who has what responsibilities, as there have been mistakes in the past from Renault’s side as well as from our side as both companies stand for different corporate cultures,” he explained.

“Here you have basically a state-run organisation and we in the UK have highly motivated people that react immediately to any necessity.

“Add to that the problems with the test facility and there you have a situation that we have seen at the last two races. How and when we find improvement, whether this season or in 2016, is still unclear.”

For Renault, they’ve decided to pick the second year into a new engine format—which they threatened to leave the sport if it didn’t change to these new hybrid engines—in which to start complaining that they aren’t getting much brand exposure for their efforts.

It’s still perplexing as they are the folks who decided to place Infinity on the cars and not Renault due to their mashup with Nissan. It’s also odd that they are upset at not gaining brand awareness as their new hybrid engine is the least powerful on the grid and has lost all but Red Bull and sister-team, Toro Rosso (STR), as customers for their engines.

According to Reuters, they now are keen to possibly back Toro Rosso as rumors were swirling that they may leave the sport or possibly buy the driver-development team from Red Bull.

“So there are considerations to either buy Toro Rosso or more likely give them a yellow livery to have a better marketing platform. But of course the figures have to correspond,”

First we heard they may buy STR then we heard they may leave Formula 1 altogether and now we hear about a yellow car—which is find by me because I miss the Jordan’s—so it is difficult to tell what Renault are doing at this point. Regardless, Renault has told Red Bull that they will solve their issue this year:

“That is what we expect and what Renault has informed us with facts and figures. But this happens half a year too late,”

You can feel the frustration in Marko’s comments. Renault took too long to figure out their deficit and it sounds like it may take too long to fix it. The team is clearly looking for agility with their engine partner and wants to get back to winning as soon as possible.

If Renault is going all out to fix the problem and get back to the front of the grid, it would be nice to know that it is actually Renault doing the shoving so perhaps a new logo or a new team might be a good idea?

Hat Tip: Reuters

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Paul KieferJr

So, if Renault can’t go any faster, then maybe it’s time for a little hostile takeover and some corporate shakeup to get things going.


Can we just remember that the team (officially) is called Infiniti Red Bull – That means Infiniti (Nissan) which is part of Renault. Renault owns Nissan. Get it?

Paul KieferJr

Apparently, Renault missed the memo on that one. :P

Daniel Johnson

Divorced and STR is the child Red Bull is losing custody of.