Is the Piquet/Bourdais axe fair?

Nelson Piquet has been the subject of many rumors for the last year. The speculation has always been that he is driving for his seat nearly every weekend. Renault’s response to the rumors ahve been, for the most part, positive toward Piquet but this week…not that positive.

When asked about his situation at Renault, Piquet launched into a diatribe last week to Autosprint:

“My contract is complex, with many points agreed only verbally,” he said. “Renault promised me the same conditions as Alonso’s, but I’ve never had them. During the winter I tested for 2,000 kms, while Alonso did 4,000 kms.

“We’ve had insignificant problems, bad luck, that compromised many results, but they forget that at Renault. I understand Briatore being unhappy, but it’s not only my fault. This is a difficult job, I try to keep my head cool, without putting too much pressure on myself.”

One doesn’t have to speculate too much as to the relationship within the team. When asked if Piquet would be in the race set at the Hungarian Grand Prix team boss Flavio Briatore told Autosport:

“I don’t know,” he told AUTOSPORT when asked about if Piquet would be driving alongside Fernando Alonso at the Hungaroring. “Maybe I am in the car myself…”

Sebastien Bourdais has struggled with the incessant media onslaught about his future in the sport this weekend. finally losing patience with the media, he denied it and refrained from taking any more questions on the issue. IF that weren’t bad enough, the teams has said nothing but Bourdais’s replacement, 19-year-old Jaime Alguesuari, has been telling the media that Bourdais didn’t try hard enough and is definitely out.

Scuderia Toro Rosso should get a muzzle on that kid quickly unless this was their plan to humiliate Bourdais publicly in the press at the lips of a young man who is unproven in an F1 race seat. Irrespective of what their plan was; it was handled poorly.

That doesn’t bode well. We suggested that one of the races this season would be, who loses their ride first? Bourdais or Piquet? It’s coming down to the wire isn’t it? It is unfortunate for both drivers as they have certainly struggled in F1. In Piquet’s case, he’s a young man and I am sure he is desperate to make this his career but if he’s out at Renault is there any other option for him? What do you think?

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