Is Vettel now lead title challenger for Sunday’s race?

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Short post, this one. The question’s simple enough:

With Button now 10th, Webber now 11th and Hamilton demoted to 24th, does that make Vettel the best-placed 2012 title contender on the Barcelona grid? (Insofar as he’s now the best-placed on the grid among the runaway lead constructors of McLaren and Red Bull – the teams that the numbers have already singled out as front-runners.)

There’s a big reason and three small reasons lurking behind the question.

First up, is Fernando Alonso still in the hunt in his F2012 despite all the talk about that car?

And furthermore, do we at this stage have to entertain the possibility of any of Raikkonen, Grosjean, and/or Rosberg being feasible contenders?

So perhaps the simpler question would have been, is any sled on the F1 grid in with a serious title shot besides the RB8 and MP4-27?

Say what you like about 2012, it’s surely up in the air. Still.


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