Is Webber making a case for retirement?

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If you were looking for signs that Red Bull’s Mark Webber may not be returning to the sport in 2014, then today’s commentary at AUTOSPORT could be yet another nail in the coffin of a fine Formula One career for the Australian:

“It is a really different type of racing, no doubt about it. You still have some nice moments in the car but it’s hard to put your finger on the satisfaction side of things now. It’s just different.”

Webber was speaking of the current state of racing in formula 1 and he admits that drivers do have to face challenges and changes but the new style of racing to lap times, running slower lap times than the GP2 series and tire management is really not the racing he likes:

“But you saw in Monaco I started to look after my first set of tires when we got to Turn 3! And we could see Nico [Rosberg] doing that as well.

“It is different. Monaco was quite an extreme case for that in terms of pace, as I think it around GP2 pace, and that’s getting quite extreme you’d say.

“It is also very strategic from the pitwall, as in this is where the tires are, this is what we’re capable of doing, can you please get us there?”

As a veteran of over 200 grands prix and one has to admit that he has seen a lot of changes in his career. He’s faced a lot of F1’s pragmatic nonsense and survived but this may be the straw that broke the Aussie’s back. Will we see Webber in F1 in 2014? If not, who will take his seat at Red Bull?

Rumors have persisted that Webber is potentially moving to sports car racing in the Le Mans series and to be honest, I’d love to see the Aussie compete at that level… he would be terrific at it.


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