Israel Rethinks Mosley Invite

Max Mosley

As often argued, the Max Mosley affair has not been damaging to the FIA or sporting arm of the FIA.  I have argued to the contrary and have been met with consternation and comments such as private matters (even ones brought into public scrutiny) are private matters.  This event has not damaged F1 or the FIA until viewer numbers start to wane.

I, again, would offer that it is damaging and should be scrutinized before the June 3rd extraordinary meeting of the FIA for a vote of confidence.

Todays news that the Israeli Minister of Science, Culture and Sport, Galeb Majadle had offered Mr. Mosley and invitation to Israel to discuss the burgeoning motor sport presence in that country.  At it’s nucleus, it is important to have guidance from the FIA and other organizations to build a healthy and vibrant motor sport community in any nation.  As it turns out, the Minister was not aware of the Mosley scandal and upon learning of such; rescinded his invitation and is looking for someone else at the FIA to deal with.

This may sound like a non-issue but in the end; isn’t this the very thing the FIA is supposed to be doing?  If nations do not want to deal with Mr. Mosley, should the FIA take seriously the options before them?  We have been focused on the scandals impact on F1 but it seems to be snowballing into and issue with the FIA’s more domestic duties as well.  Time will tell.

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