Italian GP at Monza hit a new snag in negotiations

Angelo Sticchi Damiani, the president of the Automobile Club of Italy, and Ivan Capelli, president of the Automobile Club of Milan, may be positive about the Italian Grand Prix being held at Monza but it seems Formula 1 bosses aren’t so sure.

Following a meeting that yielded no contract, the story in the press is that Bernie Ecclestone has concerns over the financial backing and the reality of the group to go through with the proposed circuit upgrades to the stands etc. He also has concerns over the financial situation of SIAS who oversees the running of the circuit.

In essence, F1 is looking for circuit owners to have guarantees in place for improvements to the circuit over the next 10 years. This has also prompted some press reports to explain how Imola or Mugello might be and option should Monza fall through. I have not seen any comments from either circuit regarding their willingness to host the race but the press reports seem to suggest that’s a possibility.

Hat Tip: Motorsport and AUTOSPORT

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Last year management at Imola came out and said that they wanted a GP back. I think Charlie Whiting came out and has given Imola whatever FIA blessing it needs to host F1, but it didn’t sound like FOM was interested in speaking with them last year…

Negative Camber

If it was last year, I am sure I read that but in my old age promptly forgot it. thanks for reminder. :)


It had one of those “click baity” headlines that so many sites like to run during slow news weeks – so discarding like so many other dial a quote based stories is understood…

I was looking for a link but I’ve only been able to find it on the sites that report on articles that are posted on other sites to report on articles that somebody else has written…


In June last year Bernie was pitching that Monza could alternate with Imola and that Imola had contacted him but Monza wasn’t talking.

Despite Bernie’s words, I’m not convinced that he’s not willing to let races in Italy meet the same fate as France, and Holland… (Not adding Germany to that mix only because there’ll be a race there this year)