Italian GP at Monza saved…by Italians no less

In the good news column, it appears that the Italian Grand Prix may have been saved according to AUTOSPORT. It seems that Automobile Club of Milan president Ivan Capelli has jumped in, seized the controls and saved the day. Perhaps no big surprise that the main sticking point is the amount of money formula One Management was asking in hosting fees but perhaps a quick law change and some motivated Italians can scrape up the delta? Capelli said:

“The Italian government confirmed the amendment in the law that Automobile Club of Italy can use the money from all the companies that are connected to it to pay the fee for the Italian Grand Prix organised in Monza.

“There will be an agreement between the Automobile Club of Italy and the Automobile Club of Milan, which owns Monza through the company SIAS, that we will provide the funding.

“The AC of Italy president Angelo Sticchi Damiani achieved this through the connection he has in Rome, especially because the political side understood the importance of the grand prix for the region and for the whole country.”

Very good news indeed. Losing Monza was really weighing on F1 fans. F1 without Monza is tough to stomach. The king without a sword! The land without a king!


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Tom Firth

Very good news from Ivan Capelli.