Italian GP Review | Podcast Ep 800

A very special 800th episode of The Parc Fermé! Join Paula nd me as we review the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix. We review each team as they finished and offer our awards of the race and answer your listener questions. We close with a very special message to all of our listeners.

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Yet to listen to the podcast but I hope this was mentioned.
It’s been 15 years to the day.


Congrats to the 800. I think I am now listening for at least 10 years and I still enjoy your podcast very much! F1 drivers come and go, but you guys stay! Apart from Fernando, that guy seems to live forever … ;-) Regarding all the grid penalties for the engine changes: Why do we have engine limitations anyway when we have a cost cap? Why not do it this way (I will now just make up numbers to explain my point): let’s say the cost cap is 200 million and a new engine costs 2 million. Why not put… Read more »


Happy to contribute via Patreon but always prefer the YouTube versions which make me laugh with Todd’s arm waving and wry smile from Paul….
This one, #800, was spot on and inciteful!

Xean Drury

What an amazing milestone. Isn’t it amazing how when one of these things start out you think, “Man, 800 episodes? Nah, I don’t think we’ll ever make it that far.” And then the next thing you know, here you are!

Regarding Williams, how much must it hurt everyone on that team to see George, Albon, and now Nick in that car and realize, “Hey, wait a minute! We’re actually a mid-team!” while Latiffi trundles around at the back. That has to hurt. ~X8