Italian GP Review | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 749

Join Paul and me as we discuss the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix. We review each team and driver as they finished and yes, we do talk about the big crash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. We even discuss who was at fault.

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Just on the whole Lewis/Max issue, I’m not going to give my opinion on who’s to blame, as we all know, opinions are like a$$holes, everybody has one.

I will only say that the reason they are clashing a bit more often, is that Lewis isn’t used to having someone just as stubborn and competitive as himself.


That’s probably true of the last 4-5 years, but it’s not something he’s never had to deal with before. Nico for all his imagery had an inner steel about him and Lewis learned from the best (Alonso) when he started out in F1. There’s probably bigger learns for Max here now given where he is in the title race and having someone that will race hard against him, but won’t submit.


Thank you for being the voice of reason around the whole crash thing. I agree it is really blown out of proportions because of the spectaculair effect of the contact. So far I enjoyed Driver61’s analysis most (he judged it more of a ‘communication issue’ because Lewis didn’t make it super clear if he was going to leave a gap or close it right away), but yours and Paul’s was even better. It’s clear you have a lot of experience in racing, and take the whole context into account which is refreshing. Unfortunately we can’t seem to say the same… Read more »

Xean Drury

Firstly, @ 22 mins: Be careful saying ‘You people’ Todd, that got Don Cherry fired! Secondly, I really appreciate that you record not directly after the race. Another pod I listen to record directly after races, and it’s fun to get their direct reaction, but I much more appreciate Camber and International’s analysis after the race has time to be digested. Thirdly, if you were a driver, what would you prefer if you had to take a penalty? A Time Penalty during the race, or a grid penalty on the following race? Fourthly, as folks out there who were sporting… Read more »

peter Riva

Okay, I take your point on the crash. You both are far more expert than most of the people who listen to your podcast or read this site. But I will say this, the contact between the two cars happened when Lewis was ahead of max. Try and justify that. As far as the accident is concerned, can you please show some evidence that Lewis was celebrating and not caring about Max’s crash at silverstone. Mercedes may have been, let’s not engage conversations about German morality. But was Lewis celebrating? Did Lewis ask how Max was, I seem to remember… Read more »


Sorry but this comment is misrepresenting the facts on what took place. Once the crash was over and the cars were stationary in the gravel, Max’s wheel was definitely not sitting op top of Lewis’s head – the rear of Max’s car was well forward by then and sitting on the nose of Lewis’s car. Something that I’ve not seen mentioned very much is that Lewis is clearly trying to reverse out whilst Max is getting out of his car. For all the talk of Max not checking on Lewis, is this not reckless behaviour from Lewis? We’d be looking… Read more »

Xean Drury

Put yourself in Max’s shoes after getting our of your car, perched upon a competotor’s. Your car is resting on the nose of the competitor’s car, and they are actively trying to reverse out of the situation. a. The competitor is not in danger of further risk since your car is only on the nose of theirs b. If they were seriously injured, they would not be trying to continue their race c. If you approached their car and their traction took, you could be hit by either their or your own car unintentionally. Given that, Max took the right… Read more »


On the ‘Max didn’t check on Lewis’ that is either lying or not seeing the footage – you can see Max get out of the car, start heading towards Lewis, then seeing Lewis is trying to reverse out – shrug and trudge off down the pits. This whole situation is amazing, and it comes back to the previous issue Todd brought up about actions / outcomes, Driver61 clearly pointed out the similar incident earlier in the race, between Giovanazzi and Le Clerc – the main difference being Gio was marginally further up, Le Clerc gave slightly more room – but… Read more »

Lee Baring

Another opinion on the crash, thought I’d join in as well Got to admit, I disagreed with the pod this week. Firstly, I’m English, therefore you can say that I’m bias towards Lewis, but I like watching motor racing as a whole and would hope that I’m not looking at this through Lewis tinted glasses In my opinion, Damon Hill’s, Johnny Herbert’s and Toto Wolff’s points regarding the “tactical foul” ring true to me. Lewis was coming out of the pits and can’t cross the white line, therefore the space into the first corner is left partly because Lewis left… Read more »