It’s not Kimi’s ‘blue eyes and blonde hair’

I have to admit that I found Motorsport’s article a bit humorous today regarding the re-signing of Kimi Raikkonen for the 2016 season.

The article puts Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivebene on the spot about the recent GPDA survey in which fans voted Raikkonen their most favorite driver on the grid. While one would have thought Lewis Hamilton may have secured that spot, it’s the famous Fin that claims pole position for the grand prix of fans’s hearts.

Apparently the press asked Arrivebene if that had a role to play in the contract extension announcement and he said:

“The GPDA did some very serious and careful research about who the most popular driver was – and Kimi came out first,” said Arrivabene.

“So whoever says that Raikkonen does not like the fans clearly does not understand anything about marketing.

“But it is also obvious that we have not confirmed him for this reason – or even that he has blue eyes and blonde hair.

“He was renewed because when you are putting together a young team, you need to find a balance. I consider Kimi a champion, who works very well with Sebastian [Vettel] and gives a big contribution to the growth of the team.”

Now, to be perfectly fair, Paul and I met Kimi in Austin and had a  delightful conversation with him regarding F1 and he was perfectly lucid and very descriptive with his answers. not the monosyllabic machine many ascribe him as. He was very introspective and accommodating.

Fact is, when the car is right, Kimi is hard for anyone to beat. He’s also an incredibly fair racer and rarely creates drama on track. I think back a few season and his battle with Lewis Hamilton at a wet Spa and how the two very professionally diced it up until Kimi lost control and hit the barrier.

The point Motorsport is perhaps making is that Kimi wasn’t re-signed due to a popularity case according to Ferrari and that he is there because of merit, skill and the role as a great teammate to Sebastian Vettel.

Even still, I think it is his blonde hair and blue eyes that won Paul over…just saying.

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Kimi is a super driver, it goes without saying………… he is not a cry baby like Lewis, Nico or Alonso…


Even Button…. complaining all the time


He certainly fills out a nomex suit nicely.