It’s Official: Canadian Grand Prix is back in 2010!

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In big news from Canada, it appears that the Canadian Grand Prix will be returning to the F1 calendar for 2010. As noted by Speed TV, the mayor of Montreal has confirmed that a deal has been done.

Responding to the reports, mayor Gerald Tremblay told Canadian media that a tentative deal
with Bernie Ecclestone, who also hinted at the arrangement in recent interviews, has been reached.

I imagine Bernie Ecclestoenc, F1 commercial right boss, took a bit of a haircut on the standard fee or what we like to call the Pan-Asian Fleecing Fee here at F1B. I suspect Canada is more reasonable with their money and more comfortable with their place in the world than to throw insane amounts of money at Ecclestone for the privilege.

I can say this; it is great to see the wonderful country of Canada back on the calendar and it is a terrific track so the racing should be great. Kudos to all Montreal natives and for the mayor for making it happen.


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