It’s SIR Patrick Head from now on

We’ve always enjoyed the presence of Patrick Head when he was involved in the daily operations of the Williams F1 team and we’ve missed him since he stepped down back in 2011 to take a role on the board of Williams Hybrid Power, a subsidiary of the Williams group of companies.

We haven’t heard as much from Head but that changed today as he was officially awarded a knighthood for his contributions to motor sport. His business partner, whom he co-founded Williams with, already enjoys the honor and Sire Frank Williams said:


“My name may be above the door, but I have always stressed that the creation and subsequent success of Williams was very much a team effort,” Williams said.

“My co-founder Patrick Head was the design genius who turned us from a small upstart into a World Championship-winning force.

“His engineering talent helped play a key role in establishing Great Britain as a leading force in global motorsport and the benefits of this are still being felt to this day, both culturally and economically. I believe this award is thoroughly deserved for his contribution to British motorsport and engineering.”


Head helped Williams win nine constructor’s titles eclipsed only by Ferrari. He took on some of the best designers in the business and won and this has placed his name squarely in that category.

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Good on him. Well done, Sir :)

Paul KieferJr

….and here I thought it was going to be “Sir PATRICK HEAD!!!” Silly me. :-D


Congratulations Sir Patrick. It’s interesting to me that he is honoured now, as one of the arguments put forward for John Surtees not being knighted is the work has to be recent.


Is this the guy who was deemed responsible for Ayrton Senna’s fatal accident by the Italian Supreme Court back in April 2007? Is this the guy who avoided prison for culpable homicide merely by virtue of a sluggish justice system that served a final decision almost seven years after the statute of limitations for culpable homicide expired? Do we all have to address this man as “Sir”?

Dr T

This is one blemish on his record – but I don’t think Patrick or anyone else in this sport would have deliberately set out to cause harm to a driver… Senna’s accident was a tragedy – I still remember where I was when I found out. I don’t think dragging down Patrick in this post is really all that helpful


Your post is not worth responding to.

Tim C.

Seriously . . . I agree, not worth responding to.