J.C. France arrested for DUI and Cocaine!

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Just when you thought F1 had the whole scandal/-Gate market cornered with espionage, spanking German prison-themed hookers, lying and race-fixing there comes a cry from the wilderness. A lowly signal that NASCAR will not be outdone in racing or controversy. If F1 thinks it’s going to hog the racing scandal limelight it’s got another thing coming.

It seems that J.C. France, 43-year-old son of Jim France and brother of late NASCAR boss Bill France Jr. has just been arrested for cocaine possession and a DUI…no, he wasn’t in a car-of-tomorrow but something better. No, it wasn’t a Chevy Volt either!

The other participant in the alleged street race, Russell Van Richmond, is France’s roommate in a million-dollar mansion, and is apparently the son of an ex-wife of Jim France, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal. Van Richmond was driving a Posche Cayenne, and France was driving a green 2007 Lamborghini. Van Richmond was also charged with DUI, possession of cocaine and possession of a controlled substance, hydrocodone. The newspaper reported that Van Richmond was also charged with threatening an officer, after telling her, “I want your commander now. I am a France. Do you know what that means? We own this city.” Richmond is a geologist, who runs a company from their Halifax River mansion.

Last time I checked, they weren’t listed as the owners of the city but certainly on the ego bill of sale? Sure…you own it pal. France drives the Brumos Porsche-Riley in the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Daytona Prototype series and was slated to drive this weekend but NASCAR officials say he has already been banned indefinitely. To add insult to injury, the Brumos website said this:

“The team anticipates celebrating a new milestone there, as the likely win of the Jim Trueman Sportsman Award by number 59 driver J.C. France would mark the first back-to-back win of that prestigious honor.”

Ouch! I guess maybe they may be holding off on that awards ceremony huh? Keep in mind folks that while we don’t cover NASCAR I would be remiss in not suggesting that the series has lambasted Jeremy Mayfield in recent months for his alleged (and not so alleged) substance abuse. Anything less than what they did to Mayfield will be viewed with some very suspicious eyes and this certifiable idiot had the foresight to be a coke-head after the Mayfield inquisition?

Color me reactionary but this is survivable for NASCAR. If F1 can’t kill itself through some of the most heinous crimes and scandals in motorsport history then a cocaine possession and DUI in NASCAR is going to be like a detention hour at Spoiled Brat High School. The series is hammering Mayfield but when was the last time the tested a France family member? No doubt he endangered lives with this incident?

Well don’t feel bad NASCAR fans…this is really small potatoes compared to F1’s “gate’s” so rest assured that this will only bring more attention to the sport and if you’re lucky you can make a buck or two off it as well…heck, Bernie does.


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