Jacques Villeneuve looking for a ride…still

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The irascible Jacques Villeneuve (JV) is still looking for a ride and he figures the new teams entering F1 might just have an open seat for a veteran of mixed success. That according to Autosprint:

“I’m a racing driver and I always will be,” Villeneuve told Autosprint. “That’s why I’m looking about myself for F1.

“Driving is the only thing that interests me, and all the mess that’s happened helps me: with the test ban, we experienced drivers are handy. I can’t say what will happen, but I’m giving it a go.

“In my opinion today’s cars are better to watch, and they will be even more so next year. They will be more fun driving them, especially with the fuel-stop ban. You can see them sliding more, without electronic aids: this way the show is better.”

“I’ve been saying it for ten years: ban pitstops, get back to slick tyres, and get rid of electronics. I’m only sorry that compulsory pitstops for tyre changes are staying, because that takes away some of the action coming from the fuel factor.

“It’s good to see a driver who stays on the track without changing tyres, maybe running slower, while another one maybe wastes time in the pitstop then closes the gap.”

There are many JV fans out there and many of them feel JV has something left to prove. That he career was met with bad luck and an nasty taste in everyone’s mouth after his stint with BAR F1. The former ski instructor manger Craig Pollack probably didn’t help matters in that situation but that’s just my hunch. Of course if asked, he may say JV’s mouth didn’t do anyone any favors in the career marred by one world championship and several years of suffering.

I must admit that JV got my attention when the cars were nearing the ability to take Eau Rouge flat and he wrapped the car in the retaining fence in a heap of carbon and steel while walking away from it. I thought for sure he had met the same tragic fate as his father but in the end he was unharmed and gained a modicum of respect from me as a guy who is not afraid to do things other drivers lift on.

Is JV a good option for a new team? What do you think his chances are. Leave your comment below.


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