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Several news outlets have carried the story this weekend of Bernie Ecclestone’s team meeting to sign a letter asking for immediate resignation of Max Mosley as FIA President.The BBC says that while the dissenting team of Ferrari, Williams and Toro Ross angered Mr. Ecclestone, he was to allegedly have said in the same meeting that Jean Todt was ‘locked on’ for the FIa President’s role should they sign the letter and Max step down.

With Bernie Ecclestone’s willingness to sign such a letter surely spells the end for Max Mosley but does it also spell the beginning for Kean Todt?  Can Non-Ferrari fans see Jean as an unbiased FIA President?

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Strange that Ferrari (and Toro Rosso) wouldn’t sign the letter even with the assurance that Jean Todt would become the next FIA president. Makes me think they aren’t on best of terms, and therefore Todt would be the perfect candidate for non-Ferrari fans. OK so I’m clutching at straws.


to be honest… we non-tifosi would see no difference…. outside of the bias actually being honest for once

as long as Ferrari gets extra money simply because they’re Ferarri, oh excuse me… because they’ve been the sport the longest, any officer in the FIA who doesn’t fight that is a blatant tool.

Give the biased bonus to a team what needs it… like Aguri and I might give this governing body some respect.

That said, John Toad has impressed me lately with his mouth and actions.


Consider that if there’s no rift betwixt Ferrari and The Toad, then the whole story is total bunk, from the three teams’ refusal to sign a supposed letter to Ecc’s pick for Max’s replacement as Bernie has suggested.

The question is:
Who’s lying? The press or Bernie? I’d ask Sir Frank. I’ve never known him to be anything but truthful on important matters, unless he can’t say anything at this point.