In a terrific interview done by the fine folks at Autosport-Atlas; Jenson button decides he wants to stay at BAR. Of course last year I scratched my head trying to understand the reasoning for wanting to switch. In the end game; bum advice. But he feels Frank will be nice and let him stay at BAR. Today, Frank says no. I couldn’t agree with Frank more. Jenson needs to understand that when you make a commitment; you stick to it. When you give your word you follow through on it.

Frank says there is no loop hole and the contract is clear and simple to read. Jenson is rattling saber’s that the contract is not water-tight and this all leads me to think that Jenson may be a good driver but his apparent lack of integrity is really a turn off. I think this young man needs to learn the lesson of character. He would do well to work for a man like Sir Frank Williams to see what it really means to have integrity and character. Working for Frank might be the best thing for him personally right now regardless of the Williams/cosworth success. F1 will eventually go but Jesnson’s character and integrity will be with him for the rest of his life. Something to consider as he attempts to screw BAR and now Williams.

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