Jim Russell F3 Winter series by Simraceway

We spoke of the US-based F3 series at Simraceway and covered a recap of race three here. We wanted to share with you the coming races as well so you can put it on your radar as many are keen to see and hear the names of potential future drivers in both US and European racing series. We’re excited about the prospect of a open-wheel, road course series that could potentially launch a young career given that we’ll see our first US effort in F1 with the Haas F1 team in 2016.

Race 5 & 6 Preview

A return to the mighty Mazda Raceway @ Laguna Seca is just around the corner Feb 21 & 22 for the last 2 rounds of the Jim Russell F3 Winter series by Simraceway and it looks like 2014 Summer Series Champion Chase Murray is in the cat birds seat for back to back titles. This is not true however for the rest of the pack. Late charger Brian Frank will hope to put in a stronger qualifying and start effort this time so his last lap heroics are not as necessary as they have been, perhaps even a front row start could see him finally get to dice it up for the lead and somehow stop the Texas flash from dominating the series.

Biting at Brian’s ankles is the always aggressive Pat Daly with old sparring partners John Schauerman, Quentin Wahl & Doug Tuttle more than capable of fighting it out for podium spots. With one weekend and 2 races under their belt at the Monterey Facility everyone should be ready to go and up to speed quickly, so it should be quite a show!

Championship Standings

  1. Chase Murray             235pts
  2. Brian Frank                 185pts
  3. Pat Daly                       183 pts
  4. John Schauerman       179 pts
  5. Quentin Wahl             179 pts
  6. Doug Tuttle                169 pts
  7. William Shields           160 pts
  8. Gus Doppes                 159 pts
  9. Roy Block                     158 pts
  10. Jim McGuire                 154 pts



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