Jock Clear: Ferrari title would be greatest

I’m a bit of a fan boy, admittedly, but I also feel like Ferrari are doing a lot of the right things to get the team positioned for moving back to winning ways. Whether that was all down to the draconian acts of Sergio Marchionne or simply the culmination of what was already set in motion prior to the exodus of Ferrari senior management, it did leave a vacancy that was cleverly filled by Jock Clear.

Jock is no stranger to F1 having been Jacques Villeneuve’s engineer as well as Lewis Hamilton’s at Mercedes. Now he is the engineering director for Ferrari and says that winning the title here would be the biggest in his storied career:

“The championship that I’m going to win with Ferrari is going to be at a new level,” said Clear, who will be responsible for trackside operations at his new team.

“It will be better than we ever were when I won championships with other teams and that’s the same for all of us.

“What I know about winning championships is no longer enough to win championships so I have to evolve as well.

“I’m not coming here and saying ‘I know what you need to do to win the championship’ because that won’t work anymore.

“I’m developing with the team and we’re confident we’re developing in a direction to win a championship with Ferrari.”

Jock says that James Allison has done a terrific job of getting the team motivated and ready to win and win they have. With the sublime driving talents of Sebastian Vettel—a driver who has also slipped into the racing team like a hand in a Mechanix glove—won three races last year and led for the first 17 laps of this season’s opening race in Australia.

Can they win more than three races this year? Many F1 pundits believe they will and some even believe they may put up a serious fight against Mercedes. I’ll reserve my optimism for mid-summer but it does appear that Jock and the team are heading in the right direction.


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