Johnny Herbert: Looking for a Win in BTCC

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No secret that F1B is a safe haven for Johnny Herbert fans. We like Herbert and are equally excited about his racing the Team Dynamics Honda Civic for the last three race of the BTCC series.

Good to see Johnny back in the drivers seat and getting dirty in the BTCC series. Johnny said:

“A win is the only thing. I’d love to win. That would be my goal, and if I did that it would be brilliant and probably surprise a lot of people – myself included.

“If not, then a podium would still be a massive achievement. My main thing is that I want to be competitive, I don’t want to be near the back end. I’m aware of how tight the grid will be but I hope after what we did in the test I can be competitive throughout the weekend.”

I really do hope he does well and I’ll have to get the inside scoop from our BTCC fanatic, Andrew Middlemore. In the end, it’s good to see Johnny back racing.


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