Johnson wins thrid straight title

This is purely my issue but I lost a lot of interest in NASCAR when they changed the points system to the Chase for the thing for the cup for the title deal. This year, Kyle would probably have taken the title and last year Jeff Gordon most likely would have. That’s my hunch, not written on a rock or anything. So much of NASCAR is endurance and consistency and throwing everything out for a 10 race shoot-out is really harsh after having an entire summer of back-breaking labor to put your car up front. Just my opinion.

It seems similar in the sense that F1 changed the points system to slow Ferrari/Schumacher down but I think it should go back to the old system as well. I can’t help but think this manufactured entertainment, while competing with Football, is really doing NASCAR an injustice in the long run.

Good for Jimmie though, he’s a good driver and a they have a great team. Congrat’s to them all.

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