Jorda stays at Renault Sport F1; will race Renault series

If you’re a Carmen Jorda fan and appreciate her car development skills as a reserve driver for the team, then Renault’s announcement that they are retaining her for her skills is good news. Jorda said:

“I’m happy and I’m glad to be part of them as development driver and the exciting news is that I will be racing this year, not in F1, but in another series with Renault,” Jorda said.

“It is not just going to be simulator and development work so it is great.”

While she’s often been the focus of a few comments regarding how much input she provided the team when it was Lotus F1, she does think the new owners, Renault, have been a great change for the Enstone group:

“We are like a family, we are a group of people and when we have bad moments we stay together and when we have good moments we are even closer,” she added.

“The spirit of the team is very important and I think we have it and Renault is putting in the rest. I think we can achieve good things, we have a good project for the next three, four years, so it is looking great.”

All I know is, Paul will be happy with the announcement. I assume Susie Wolff’s new Dare to be Different organization will be thrilled with a female involved in Formula 1 even though susie herself retired from her Williams F1 reserve driver roll.

The other news that she’ll be driving for Renault in another series is good for development and what better way for a development driver to develop themselves than through more racing on track? That and the fact that Renault’s marketing arm are no fools either. ;)

Hat Tip: Sky Sports F1 with Video here.

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At least Paul still has a reason to support Enstone, even if Pastor has departed…


Is this other series one that provides points towards a super license.

Paul KieferJr

Jorda actually drives? Who here actually believes that Lotus/Renault hired her for her driving skills?


I’m sure she drives…. I mean she’s got to get from her home to the airport somehow….

Oh wait, you meant race cars…


women are inferior in every way and have no business driving cars, let alone fast cars. Back to the kitchen ye bitches!


Thats pushing the ‘decorum and civility’ rule for the site. Not funny, or ironic.


There are plenty of positive articles on women racing out there.


Neither is this article, pretty unnecessary really.


That’s more to the point, I agree

#F1 'o^°o-

No, she was unnecessary and it is laughable.

Negative Camber

Wait…what’s unnecessary about this article? Where in this article have I even hinted at some sort of “in the kitchen bitches” attitude? Did I not say that Jorda fans would be happy? That Susie would be happy with her program? Where are you getting this drive-by-shooting position at? This article relays the news, it doesn’t denigrate women as drivers, only you are suggesting that.

Negative Camber

Not all women (just like all men, including me) are qualified to drive in F1. That’s a simple fact. Susie, on the other hand, was very handy in the Williams F1 car and a real asset to the team. Look what Kathrine Legge did at 24 Daytona, great job! Simona di Silvestro is a good driver too. This isn’t sexist, it’s skills.

Negative Camber

Apparently Carmen was 12 seconds slower than Sorenson (reserve driver) and he left because the team were so enamored with her. According to Dutch papers. 12 seconds might as well be an epoch in F1 times.


Autosport had a story on their website last week from the early 1980s, where Stirling Moss was driving Nelson Piquet’s championship winning Brabham. Stirling (retired for over two decades) was only five and a half seconds off the pace. Twelve seconds is an enternity, GP3 cars are only eleven seconds slower than F1 (fastest laps at Silverstone in 2015).

Andreas Möller

I read Marco’s comments in a Danish newspaper, and they were very clear that he did not leave the team happy. Plenty of sour grapes, I’m sure. But if I felt that I was far better – 12 seconds or not – than the team’s chosen one, I’d probably be pissed too. It just goes to show that the “development driver” thing is a dead end. Yes, you get a foot in the door. But not much more. And the farther from the actual race car your seat is, it seems the more for sale it is…